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Dirty Jer-z

Tuesday, July 20, 2004

12:55AM - So

So umm yeah...Happy Birthday to me dammit!

Monday, June 28, 2004


Aiight y'all, first of all is it just me or is this site moving extremely slow?  The fuck?

Ok, and now for an update.  For any of you who actually happen to read this, I will be making the trek down to Oxford this coming weekend. I'm gonna be there from Saturday the 3rd through Sunday the 11th with a wedding to goto on the 10th.  So any of you who know me, want to see me, or want to know me, shoot me an email or a comment with some sort of contact information for ya so I can get in touch.  My phone got stolen at a strip joint a few weeks back (long story, best told over some beer), so if I had your phone number before I likely do not have it now. (This means everyone except Nate).  So give me a holler.

I would love to get some poker in while I'm down there so if anyone wants to get a game together or knows of a relatively cheap buy in tournament in Tunica, let me know and I am there.

In the meantime, enjoy: THE DANCE


Current mood: sick

Tuesday, June 22, 2004

6:22PM - Sorry so late

Ok Ok, so it's been a little while.  there's been a bit of a funk going around that I was mired in. It seems to have passed for now. I got two of the root canals done (not too bad really, plus drugs is good), but then I got the friggen bill.  $800 OUT OF POCKET!!!!! I think the dental profession is worse than even the medical profession sometimes.  $1600 total for an hours worth of work!! you take that out to a year and you're talking 3.3 million dollars for a 40 hour work week.  Fuckin retarded.

Went to see the Beasties and Darkness this past Friday (with some other bands and someone carried out in what appeared to be a body bag thrown in for good measure.)  Both bands rocked.  It's amazing to me that the Beasties can still lay it down the way they did.  Fuckin awesome.

Went to see the Phillies game on Sunday with the Mik (she went to the concert too, by the by.).  Gorgeous new stadium and they won, so that is good.  2 homeruns and an inside the park home run. Made things pretty damn interesting. 

Other than that it's been lots of Splinter Cell, lots of poker and some Ninja Gaiden (I hate that FUCKING game.  My dog even hates that game since he's tired as hell of getting hit with flying controllers thrown in abject frustration. Way fucking hard.)

But really what brings me here more than letting you all in on a few tids of my life was this was too good to pass up: It starts! First it's this, then bring on the porn! But honestly, did anyone NOT see this one coming a mile a fucking way?

Current mood: content

Tuesday, June 8, 2004

3:26AM - Fucking hell

I'm tired, I must have root canals this AM (yes, that was fucking plural.) For some reason I can't sleep, which means I will again be falling asleep at work.  All in all pretty shitty night. 

In the mood for a movie, Dummy, while fucked up and including ventriloquism and the dummy that goes along with it was mighty fucking funny.

Oh and god dammit if that fucking horse didn't lose.


Ok, that's all you get for now.


Current mood: blah

Thursday, May 27, 2004


Ok, How fucked up is this, they actually had to call the swat team out on Bugs Bunny: Fucked up

6:11PM - ok

so it's been a while, the Flyers lost, I'm still getting over that.  Deal with it.


But man, why can't I work here! THE DUTCH ARE COOL!

Current mood: blah

Thursday, May 20, 2004

11:21PM - He shoots, he SCORES!!!!

All I can really say is...my fucking GOD!  5-4 in OT.  A goal in the last 2 minutes to tie it. Another in OT to win. And now a game 7 for all the marbles in this series.  This is too fucking much, but too fucking sweet.  We have GOT to win!  Primeau, Gagne, Roenick, Esche, Handzus....my boys are the fucking shit!!!!!



Current mood: indescribable

Wednesday, May 19, 2004

11:41PM - The End

Well the end has come and gone and I must say it feels...well...right.  Though I am certainly sad to see it go, I think the ending was perfect.  Angel, you and the gang will be missed (well until the movie, but in a weekly sense, and I think the movie is simply fill in the blanks stuff.) Perhaps a review\my thoughts on the last show to follow.


Current mood: contemplative

Tuesday, May 18, 2004


It sucks when we lose.

Current mood: pissed off

Sunday, May 16, 2004

8:48PM - Big Bad Tobacco

Ok, this story ("Phillip Morris mails a "Bomb") is on a very highly used overseas cigarette retailers webpage about the troubles they have been enduring with Phillip Morris about selling their cigarettes to US customers.  I'm sorry but when Phillip Morris starts sending "tracking" devices in their cartons of cigarettes to "see where they are going" and "if there are any customs violations," I think the shit has gone way too fuckin far.  I mean what the fuck is next, are they going to put "devices" in individual fucking cigarettes?  Can you imagine getting one of these friggen things delivered to your doorstep? 

I hate big fucking business.  Now I'm not saying I use this company to purchase cigarettes, but they do have EXTREMLY cheap prices compared to the 5 or so odd bucks a pack they charge in these parts. I guess I can certainly see why Phillip Morris would want them out of business. But doesn't anyone else think it completely indicative of the fucked up shit we live in when a company, just because they have more fucking money than god and lobbyists out the ass, can get away with mailing what essentially amounts to "terrorist devices?" Real or no, there's no way that that fucking thing, whatever it is isn't going to cause some amount of terror in whomever receives it. 

And that's really just a part of the story, Phillip Morris has been "legally" harrassing this company for years in one way or another.  Now I'm not to say that Yesmoke is all good or anything, or that everything they print is completely 100% unexaggerated or blantantly false.  However, I tend to trust a Swiss retailer far more than a company such as Phillip Morris. We KNOW Phillip Morris has lied for years.  Regardless, check it out, come to your own conclusions.  I just think it gets scarier and scarier every damned day.

Current mood: pissed off

1:45AM - Word

Neil Gaiman linked to this on his blog and I mut say this is one of the funnier and disturing things I've seen in some time.  Maybe someone who knows Japanese can fill me in but I swear he calls Heinz his Kikkobitch and hangs his cat for eating ketchup.  The Japanese are so fucked up it's cool.


Oh an while I'm throwing links out there, this was not at all what I expected it to be....



Current mood: content

Saturday, May 15, 2004


Don't you just hate it when your plan is to take a nap during the day and you wind up sleeping all damn day? 

Just got up, but it was a crazy ass good day so it's all good.  Went to one hell of  a good Flyers game earlier.  We won 3-2 (Although their second goal came late in the game when it meant nothing so really 3-1).  It was absolutely amazing to be amongst 20,000 other people all wearing these orange t-shirts handed out at the door who were all going absolutely apeshit.  Good shit right there.  There's just something about being in a place with that many people sharing the same goal, with the same mindset as yours.  World be damned, our war for those 60 minutes is right out there on the ice and we are 20k strong coming at you, there's just something nice about that. 

In other Philly sports news, there's a horse, yes a horse, that's tearing it up right now from Philly by the name of Smarty Jones. He's won two races towards the Triple Crown and did it convincingly.  For those of you who don't follow horse racing (and who the fuck does really?) no horse has won the Triple Crown in 25 years.  So now there's this horse from Philly who's kickin ass and trying to pull it off and let me tell you this are is going nuts...for a horse!  They actually offered to let all the people who went to the Flyers game stay and watch the race on the big screen in the stadium.  Now this just speaks volumes about sports in Philly right now.  We haven't had a champion in ANY sport since 1980 so we're a little hard up and we'll take what we can get, but a horse???  Not sure how I feel about it.  I mean, they're talking about having a PARADE for this horse down BROAD STREET in Philly should he win the Triple Crown.  Now while sure I'm hoping he wins, I think that's overdoing it by a lot.  A parade down Broad Street is something that is held in Philly as one of the highest honors that Philly can bestow to it's heroes.  I personally think it should be reserved for an event in which the participant actually REALIZES what is going on.  (/end mini rant)

ok, I've bored enough with my sports talk.  Off to play some Splinter Cell: Pandora Tomorrow.  By the way, if anyone plays Pandora Tomorrow on Live, add me to your friends list my nick is: DirtyJerzee.

Oh and sxyblkmn posted this first on his LJ but I thought it too damn cool not to share it here as well: Library of Alexandria Discovered.  Fuckin awesome.

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3:17AM - First Time for Everything

Ok, so it's 3:15 in the morning and I'm creating this thing. the fuck am I thinking? Don't know if I'll actually use it but I figured, what the hell right? I should be in bed, going to the Flyers playoff game tomorrow, hence my current LJ pic. Should be good stuff.

I guess the visit from Dave, back from his tour over in Iraq got me to thinking about all the folks from down south and I figured this seemed a good enough way to possibly get back in touch with some of y'all. So if you read this, hit me up yo, I miss y'all.

If you want some fascinatingly vulgar and at times offensive material from the one's formerly known as Milkboy and Jersey Steve (of very brief 92.1 fame) hop on over to supidoclock.blogspot.com. We rarely update it anymore but hopefully this will help to get me back in the habit.

I've no clue what this will even turn out to be. I tend to rant, occasionally give updates about my life I suppose, and will probably throw out a link or two. If there's anything anyone wants to know, just ask, maybe I'll respond.

Current mood: nostalgic