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Big Bad Tobacco

Ok, this story ("Phillip Morris mails a "Bomb") is on a very highly used overseas cigarette retailers webpage about the troubles they have been enduring with Phillip Morris about selling their cigarettes to US customers.  I'm sorry but when Phillip Morris starts sending "tracking" devices in their cartons of cigarettes to "see where they are going" and "if there are any customs violations," I think the shit has gone way too fuckin far.  I mean what the fuck is next, are they going to put "devices" in individual fucking cigarettes?  Can you imagine getting one of these friggen things delivered to your doorstep? 

I hate big fucking business.  Now I'm not saying I use this company to purchase cigarettes, but they do have EXTREMLY cheap prices compared to the 5 or so odd bucks a pack they charge in these parts. I guess I can certainly see why Phillip Morris would want them out of business. But doesn't anyone else think it completely indicative of the fucked up shit we live in when a company, just because they have more fucking money than god and lobbyists out the ass, can get away with mailing what essentially amounts to "terrorist devices?" Real or no, there's no way that that fucking thing, whatever it is isn't going to cause some amount of terror in whomever receives it. 

And that's really just a part of the story, Phillip Morris has been "legally" harrassing this company for years in one way or another.  Now I'm not to say that Yesmoke is all good or anything, or that everything they print is completely 100% unexaggerated or blantantly false.  However, I tend to trust a Swiss retailer far more than a company such as Phillip Morris. We KNOW Phillip Morris has lied for years.  Regardless, check it out, come to your own conclusions.  I just think it gets scarier and scarier every damned day.

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