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The End

Well the end has come and gone and I must say it feels...well...right.  Though I am certainly sad to see it go, I think the ending was perfect.  Angel, you and the gang will be missed (well until the movie, but in a weekly sense, and I think the movie is simply fill in the blanks stuff.) Perhaps a review\my thoughts on the last show to follow.


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just got done watching it. it was a good ending.

and, second thing:

there's gonna be a movie?!
yup, that's the word. Joss signed on to do one. From what I hear he's gonna do basically the stuff he didn't get to do in the series what with it ending so abruptly. He's also working on the Firefly movie right now. And yet he still has time for Wizard World Chicago. :)
that...that is so cool

would you happen to have a link to whatever article he said that in?
I don't actually, but apparently he's saying that for now it's just rumors. He's pulling back a bit I suppose but leaves it open. And apparently the talk is TV movie now...hmm who knows. Here's a link to that anyway. So who knows. Last I heard it was pretty much a given.

oooh, didn't know about this one either...

The WB did announce that production was to begin this summer on Global Frequency, a midseason replacement action/conspiracy series based on the Warren Ellis/DC Comics graphic novel of the same name.