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Sorry so late

Ok Ok, so it's been a little while.  there's been a bit of a funk going around that I was mired in. It seems to have passed for now. I got two of the root canals done (not too bad really, plus drugs is good), but then I got the friggen bill.  $800 OUT OF POCKET!!!!! I think the dental profession is worse than even the medical profession sometimes.  $1600 total for an hours worth of work!! you take that out to a year and you're talking 3.3 million dollars for a 40 hour work week.  Fuckin retarded.

Went to see the Beasties and Darkness this past Friday (with some other bands and someone carried out in what appeared to be a body bag thrown in for good measure.)  Both bands rocked.  It's amazing to me that the Beasties can still lay it down the way they did.  Fuckin awesome.

Went to see the Phillies game on Sunday with the Mik (she went to the concert too, by the by.).  Gorgeous new stadium and they won, so that is good.  2 homeruns and an inside the park home run. Made things pretty damn interesting. 

Other than that it's been lots of Splinter Cell, lots of poker and some Ninja Gaiden (I hate that FUCKING game.  My dog even hates that game since he's tired as hell of getting hit with flying controllers thrown in abject frustration. Way fucking hard.)

But really what brings me here more than letting you all in on a few tids of my life was this was too good to pass up: It starts! First it's this, then bring on the porn! But honestly, did anyone NOT see this one coming a mile a fucking way?

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