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First Time for Everything

Ok, so it's 3:15 in the morning and I'm creating this thing. the fuck am I thinking? Don't know if I'll actually use it but I figured, what the hell right? I should be in bed, going to the Flyers playoff game tomorrow, hence my current LJ pic. Should be good stuff.

I guess the visit from Dave, back from his tour over in Iraq got me to thinking about all the folks from down south and I figured this seemed a good enough way to possibly get back in touch with some of y'all. So if you read this, hit me up yo, I miss y'all.

If you want some fascinatingly vulgar and at times offensive material from the one's formerly known as Milkboy and Jersey Steve (of very brief 92.1 fame) hop on over to supidoclock.blogspot.com. We rarely update it anymore but hopefully this will help to get me back in the habit.

I've no clue what this will even turn out to be. I tend to rant, occasionally give updates about my life I suppose, and will probably throw out a link or two. If there's anything anyone wants to know, just ask, maybe I'll respond.
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