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Aiight y'all, first of all is it just me or is this site moving extremely slow?  The fuck?

Ok, and now for an update.  For any of you who actually happen to read this, I will be making the trek down to Oxford this coming weekend. I'm gonna be there from Saturday the 3rd through Sunday the 11th with a wedding to goto on the 10th.  So any of you who know me, want to see me, or want to know me, shoot me an email or a comment with some sort of contact information for ya so I can get in touch.  My phone got stolen at a strip joint a few weeks back (long story, best told over some beer), so if I had your phone number before I likely do not have it now. (This means everyone except Nate).  So give me a holler.

I would love to get some poker in while I'm down there so if anyone wants to get a game together or knows of a relatively cheap buy in tournament in Tunica, let me know and I am there.

In the meantime, enjoy: THE DANCE


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Give me a buzz when you get in.

Your girl comin' down too?
we'll both be making the journey. I'll definitely give you a shout. Maybe we can get a game up or something. I'll bring my cards. :)
I'll be around until the 5th...
Yar. And we's be having that cook-out on the 4th if'n y'all make it down from Memphis by then. And of course, there's also the guest room if you want.

(too many pirates running around these days)
cool, cool. Yeah I'm trying to make it down for the BBQ, might be later in the evening though. Plannin on pickin up some works on the way down so...

And I might have to take you up on the guest room.
you gonna be at nate's BBQ?



June 30 2004, 23:31:10 UTC 13 years ago

How can poker chips be music? Anyway, Nate how long are you gonna be in town, cause I was planning on getting to Oxford around the 7th (same wedding, same deal).
I'm leaving the 9th, so I'll be around for a bit.
Dood, the sound of poker chips, the clacking together, rolling on felt sounds of winning and war, are most definately music. Especially when one is winning them.

Alicia, redux


July 1 2004, 18:22:21 UTC 13 years ago

That was poetic, Ryan. Insane, but poetical. See ya in Oxcart.