Dirty Jer-z

20 July
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Well if you are reading this you probably already know me, but here goes a slightly updated version anyway...

Currently living in Mantua, New Jersey with a job that consumes far too much of my time for something I really don't particularly like, find rather boring and can't much see as a "career." "Shacking up" with the love of my life who bravely uprooted her own life to follow me to a place I know but that she had only visited. (And at one point hated. :) But through all the jokes, Jersey\Philly just has that pull.)

Put in 6 or some odd years down in the O-town, Mississippi meeting and then regrettably and sadly losing touch with many great people. So if any of you from down there see this wherever you might be...Hit my ass up yo!

Still a crazy fuck, though real life has calmed that shit somewhat.

I still think suck ass pimp dog, quief magnet, and nipplecock are some of the greatest words ever imagined. (I should know, I created them dammit!)

If you wanna know more, stick around and maybe I'll get around to telling it. Or IM me when I'm on.

I apologize in advance for anything anyone finds offensive and for the cursing, and the .... no... wait a minute... I just don't give a fuck. If you don't like it, speak your mind or get the fuck outta my face or I will fucking kill you!

oh... and I like the word fuck........ALOT